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Too big, too heavy, too delicate – no problem for MC Nord. The best transport solution for every part load or full load. The basis of MC Nord is its own fleet of trucks and fixed chartered transportation companies.

This ensures high levels of availability in shipping space – even during seasonal peak periods. In Germany and Europe. Every order is carried out individually by MC Nord – entirely according to your wishes. Your truck load is delivered straight to its destination without any reloading. On the spot. Reliable. Efficient.

In addition to the distribution of your loads MC Nord also takes care of prompt procurement of preliminary products for your customers.

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You are now able to accurately plan ahead for your incoming and outgoing goods. With MC Nord the pick-up and delivery of every truck load can be notified in advance. Completely automatically.

We are on the go all over Europe for your full load. Our comprehensive network guarantees perfect performance and services in every region.

MC Nord is able to respond to customer requirements for their loads. So that your goods arrive at their destinations all over Europe. Direct. Secure. Punctual.


Frequently asked questions

Is MC Nord a freight exchange?

MC Nord is more than a freight exchange. We are an online forwarding company in terms of the General German Freight Forwarding Conditions (ADSp). This means that we are your contractual partner and contact person and we ensure that your transport is carried out as agreed.

What distinguishes MC Nord from a regular forwarding company?

We use state-of-the-art technologies to make logistics processes leaner, faster and better. This allows us to offer you an excellent service without any intermediaries. Through our website you will receive a fixed price immediately after entering your shipment details. You can book your transport directly online. We guarantee that your transport is carried out with vetted freight carriers. Reliable, efficient and transparent.

Who can ship with MC Nord?

MC Nord is for private and commercial customers that want to send palletized goods.

How is the qualilty of the freight carriers ensured?

A detailed examination is conducted before a freight carrier can drive for MC Nord. In addition, we continuously monitor the quality of deliveries, e.g. punctuality and customer evaluations.

Are my shipments insured?

Yes, shipments with MC Nord are insured. According to ADSp, MC Nord is liable for damage to goods with up to 8.33 SDRs per gross kilogram. Liability is limited to EUR 1 million per damage case and EUR 2 million per damage event. If you want to insure your freight beyond the damage limit, you have the possibility to conclude an additional transport insurance in the ordering process. We calculate a fixed rate of 0.1% of the total value.

Can the price offered change after a booking?

MC Nord offers fixed rates. Should additional costs be incurred for transport, e.g. due to long waiting times for charging (loading / unloading) of more than 60 minutes or deviations in weight or number of pallets, you will be charged accordingly.