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Despite eco-taxes, road tolls or other negative influences, road transport still remains the main pillar of distribution throughout Europe.

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We take care of your freight and at your request can manage your entire import and export requirements.

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When you comes to us you will find a capable team, both for the handling of your project as well as for your import operations.

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In order to be able to offer our customers a larger storage and warehousing capacity that meets the requirements of the various types of goods on a long-term basis

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We transport heavy items by road to all countries within Europe, combination of the various forms of transport provides a maximum amount of efficiency.

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The introduction of those brightly-painted steel boxes has revolutionised the transport world. Today transport from A to B by sea container is the central part of world trade.

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Send us your transport inquiry – we are pleased to send you an offer without obligation. Our solutions are tailored on your individual requirements.

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100% Safe Delivery

The most valuable part of any relationship is trust. Without it, we have nothing. Trust is the cornerstone upon which we have built our business.


Life is full of give and take, and trucking is no different. Sometimes, things go wrong. No matter what happens, we take immediate action to resolve the issue and get your freight moving again.


Our staff has the best training available, making them proficient with the software and technologies they use to plan loads. The result: a quick, efficient logistics process that delivers on time and saves you money.


Between the point of departure and destination there is MC Nord

MC Nord keeps your business in motion and your cargo on track.

We offer dedicated transport, logistics and warehousing solutions in Europe and across the world with customised personal service and guaranteed quality. Privately owned since the founding with branches in Europe we are one of the leading transport and logistics companies.


Frequently asked questions

What exactly do you do?

Our main activity is arranging truck transportation within Europe. We can transport goods from one pallet to oversized machines while being capable of shipping almost any kind of consignment. In addition to that, we will also take care of customs services and legal advice in the area of transportation or, let’s say, warehousing premises. Our customers don’t have to worry about anything. In the area of logistic services, we provide a full service for excellent prices.

What other services related to transport can you provide me?

We will take care of all customs formalities regarding import and export. If you need to store your goods, we offer you indoor warehousing facilities. We cooperate with a lawyer and therefore, we can provide you complete legal advice in the area of transportation. We will also secure legal assistance abroad. Without worries, we will take care of the transportation including everything from A to Z.

What guarantees do you offer? Are you insured?

We consider guarantees and insurance to be our demonstration of professionalism, thus they are matter of course to us, To our customers, we provide guarantees in the form of a fixed date of loading and unloading. Furthermore, we, as well as all of our employees, are protected by professional indemnity insurance. The contracting carriers are insured and verified in detail. You don’t have to be worried and so, you can leave the transport up to us.

What are your prices and payment terms?

We set prices and payment terms with each customer individually. The price depends on the nature of the account. The payment terms depend on whether it’s national or international transportation, as well as on other customer’s wishes.

Why should I choose you as my logistic intermediary?

We draw on our experience in the area of transportation. We are perfectly oriented in the problematics of logistics and thank to that, we provide services ensuring safe transport from one place to another. We save our customers’ time, money, nerves and also protect them from risks related to transportation.

What makes you better than your competitors? Why should I choose you?

We put our greatest effort and attention in dealing with transportation, as well as our customers. With us, the loading and unloading times along with the arrivals and departures from and to customers are checked carefully and thoroughly at any time of the day or night. We are a company with long and good history and our reputation is everything to us. Therefore, we look after our customers at 100%. Our thoroughness has always paid off in the form of long term cooperation with the actual clients side by side with positive feedback on our services that has brought new customers to us.

Experience and tradition

Our services in the field of spedition, logistics and transportation have, over the 20 years, become a diamond in the rough. We will give you good advice, take care of everything reliably and keep an eye on smooth process.

Variable types of transportation

We will transport anything from one pallet to oversized machines. As we like to say: “We will transport everything”. We have a rolling stock varying from vans to high volume trucks.

Thoroughness and maximum effort

We transport with the maximum effort and attention possible. We check the times of loadings, unloadings, arrivals and departures from and to our customers thoroughly, whether at any time of the day or night.

Insurance and guarantee

We, as a company, are protected by professional indemnity insurance and so are our employees. We check our contractual carriers by internal audit and they are always properly insured too.


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